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Appendix B -- Status of Recommendations from Prior Audit. In September 1999, the Office of the Inspector General issued a report The Social Security Administration's Procedures to Identify Representative Payees Who Are Deceased (A-01-98-61009). This report included six recommendations to improve the Social Security Administration's (SSA) procedures for ensuring that representative payees. Excerpts from the response and the Office of Inspector General's (OIG) position are incorporated into the relevant sections of the report. Audit No. 33002-3-SF, APHIS Animal Care Program Inspection and Enforcement Activities (September 2005). 4. AWA refers to monetary penalties as civil penalties. 5. 1,116 licensed brokers OMAI-712-2005-OMAI-786-2005.pdf 12.06.2020 Ordin nr. 673 din 9 decembrie 2008 privind pregătirea în domeniul situaţiilor de urgenţă a reprezentanţilor instituţiilor prefectului şi a personalului cu funcţii de conducere din administraţia publică locală, în perioada 2009 - 201 In October 2005, the Postal Service implemented the COR 2009 based on a value proposition between the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Postal Service's vice president, Delivery. We updated the route adjustments data for the districts reviewed in 39 Salt Lake City 1,116 299 817 40 San Francisco* 2,180 549. 2005 EEO-1 Aggregate Report for NAICS-6 Code 332311 - Prefab Metal Building & Component Mfg 2005 EEO-1 AGGREGATE REPORT NAICS-6 Code 332311 - Prefab Metal Building & Component Mf

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  1. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL . 501 I STREET, SUITE 9-200 . SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 95814 . PHONE (916) 930-2388 · FAX (916) 930-2390 . March 27, 2006 . Control Number . ED-OIG/A09F0019 . Jack T. O'Connell . State Superintendent of Public Instruction . California Department of Education . 1430 N Street . Sacramento, California 95814 . Dear.
  2. Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) audit of the FY 2005 Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund Financial Statements. See Appendix A for a discussion of the scope and methodology and our review of the management control program. See Appendix A for prior coverage related to the objectives
  3. Regional Inspector General for Audit, at (215) 656-3401, extension 3490. SUMMARY We found the Owner did not comply with the Regulatory Agreement and other HUD requirements in operating the Project. In total, the Owner made $1,261,301 of ineligible and unsupported payments from Project funds. Specifically, the Owner: receive
  4. Acting Regional Inspector General for Audit, 6AGA SUBJECT: The New Orleans African-American Museum, New Orleans, LA, Mismanaged Its Community Block Development Grants and Did Not Comply with Its Grant Agreements. HIGHLIGHTS Issue Date February 25, 2005 Audit Report Number 2005-FW-1005 What We Audited and Wh
  5. From: John M. Seeba, Inspector General Subject: Management Advisory on Lack of Controls over Federal Express Shipping Account As part of an investigation related to abuse of a Government purchase card, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has identified contractor and FTC employees abusing the FTC's Federal Express (FedEx) Shipping Account

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  1. The Office of State Inspector General (OIG) received a complaint containing 11 allegations of improprieties at the Louisiana School for the Deaf (LSD). On June 7, 2007, OIG staff held an entrance conference with Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) and LSD officials. These officials offered their complete cooperation with the planned OIG audit
  2. OIG Report Summary MEMORANDUM Date: May 26, 2016 Subject: Incomplete and Inaccurate Licensure Data Allowed Some Suppliers in Round 2 of the Durable Medical Equipment Competitive Bidding Program That Did Not Have Required Licenses OVERVIEW On May 26, 2016, the Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG
  3. Office of Inspector General Board of Review 4190 Washington Street West Charleston, WV 25313 There is an over issuance of food stamp benefits in the amount of $1,116.00, for the period EXB-11 IG-BR44a and 44 was mailed to Ms _____ on April 18,2005 to _____ thi

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) confirmed that official HHS OIG telephone numbers are being used as part of a spoofing scam targeting individuals throughout the country. These scammers represent themselves as HHS OIG employees and can alter the appearance of the caller ID to make it seem. Stated that The Honorable Glenn Fine, Inspector General at the Department of Justice had no oversight of the Bureau Office and it would be a waste of time to notify them and request oversight investigations; and . TITLE 15 CH 22 TRADEMARKS Sec 1116 Injunctive relief. TITLE 15 CH 22 SUBCH III Sec 1117 - Recovery for violation of rights. Oak Ridge National Lab - DoE Inspector General Report. The Department of Energy Office of Inspector General issued a report showing that UT-Battelle, the operating contractor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, incurred unreasonable costs related to Battelle-managed scientific conferences between October 2005 and September 2007 and misspent funds on such prohibited items as alcohol, cigars.

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Assistant Inspector General for Auditing . SUBJECT: Single Audit of the [ForA ex. 4] We identified that a single audit report has been processed by the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) from receipt of the [ForA ex. 4] for the year ended fiscal year 2003. The audit was prepared by Secret & Shield, A.C. Certified Public Accountants A locked padlock) or https:// means you've safely connected to the .gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites Home. Login; Retrieve Username; About. History & Mission; Staff; Contact Us; Media Center; Meetings & Events Calendar; Find a DC. Find a Chiropractor; Why go to a. 31 U.S. Code § 3516 - Reports consolidation. With the concurrence of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the head of an executive agency may adjust the frequency and due dates of, and consolidate into an annual report to the President, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Congress any statutorily required. Command Sgt. Maj. Katrina M. Herzfeld was raised in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. In 1990, she attended basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and advanced individual training at Fort Gordon, Georgia. In 1991, she returned to Wisconsin as a cable systems installer, having enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve. In 1993, she enlisted active.

DoDI 1100.22, April 12, 2010 8 ENCLOSURE 1 (x) Articles 24, 28, and 30 of Convention (I) for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field, August 12, 1949, (GWS)4 (y) DoD Directive 2310.01E, The Department of Defense Detainee Program Former General Services Administration (GSA) Chief of Staff David H. Safavian was sentenced today to one year in prison on charges of obstruction of justice and making false statements in connection with the investigation into the activities of former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff

As required by Section 5 of the Inspector General Act of 1978 (IG Act), as amended, this Semiannual Report to Congress reviewing the accomplishments of the OIG for the 6-month period of October 1, 2005, through March 31, 2006, is to be submitted no later than April 30, 2006, to the Attorney General for his review. The Attorney General is. SEC Office of Inspector General Reports. The following reports are currently available. Additional OIG records are located at OIG Recent Reports.. OIG Report 601, Unauthorized Disclosure of Nonpublic Information From Executive Session Commission Meetin

Office of Inspector General The Office of Inspector General's mission is to provide independent, objective oversight to improve the integrity, accountability, and performance of the SBA. The Office of Inspector General's mission is to provide independent, objective oversight to improve the integrity, accountability, and performance of the SBA WRITTEN RESPONSE TO THE OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL Name of Servbe Pm.ider. T.dniW Inc. l. For thS tae a 01 s.wtlated 1116-0364 X Yes No Wae there Other ObEvaüons by ORG. requiring a Response? Yes No Il. NOTICE TO LEGAL GUARDIAN (for substamiated cæes.). The and a guardian exists) have been noffied that the was substant.d. X Yes No Date: Lit

The Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, requires the Office of Inspector General to be an independent office that performs the following functions: A. Determine the policies and procedures for Office of Inspector General operations Office of Inspector General Office of Inspector General The OIG is an independent office established under the provisions of Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended (hereafter referred to as the IG Act). The FLRA OIG was established on September 25, 1989. Ms. Dana Rooney was named Inspector General in 2010 www.oig.dhs.gov OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL . We judgmentally selected nine applicants from a list of applicants that carried insurance through the Insurance Company. The FEMA Florida Recovery Office provided this list to us in 2012. For these nine applicants, we judgmentally selected 78 projects, based on dollar values, from 2,088 projects. Meet the IG. As Inspector General, Mr. Dentel oversees an office whose mission is to detect and deter fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct in CPSC programs and personnel, and to promote economy and efficiency in agency operations. Mr. Dentel was appointed the Inspector General for the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2004 Norbert Vint, Deputy Inspector General Performing the Duties of the Inspector General 1900 E Street, N.W.; Room 6400, Washington, D.C. 20415 Main Phone Number: (202) 606-120

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  1. Notification to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of Decisions on Disciplinary Action and Settlement Agreements Involving Subjects of OIG Investigations (PDF), No. 464. 2008 Investigative Memoranda. Sep. 9, 2008 Attorney Annual Certification of Bar Membership (PDF), No. 455; Mar. 21, 2008 SafeSearch Filter on Internet Search Engines (PDF.
  2. OIG outlines 2005 Work Plan LTC Liability Monitor, October 21, 2004. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) intends to find out whether skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) accurately assess residents and execute appropriate care plans, according to the 2005 fiscal year Work Plan the agency released last week. That's only one of the 13 items the.
  3. inspector general (ig) MISSION As an independent office within the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) reporting to the Director, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) conducts, supervises, monitors, and initiates audits, inspections, and investigations relating to programs and operations of DISA
  4. Description of document: FOIA case log for the Army Office of the Inspector General (OIG), 2005-2013 . Request date: 20-February-2014 . Released date: 27-October-2014 . Posted date: 01-December-2014 Source of document: Office of the Inspector General ATTN: SAIG-ZXR (Records Release) 1700 Army Pentagon, RM 1E132 Washington, DC 2031
  5. Report Type: Other. This report recaps OIG achievements in FY2020, in core mission as well as organizational improvements. It contains a spotlight on our CARES Act work and highlights key statistical impacts from OIG

USAID/Egypt, in collaboration with the Office of Middle East Programs, develop and/or revise performance indicators to ensure that they effectively measure the performance of the Office of Middle East Programs' activities as required by USAID Automated Directives System 203 VA Office of Inspector General Subject: Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General Audit of VHA's Non-VA Medical Care Claims for Emergency Transportation; Rpt #13-01530-137 Keywords: Chief Business Office, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Fee Basis Claims System, Improper Payments, Non-VA Medical Care Progra

An investigation by the New York State Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General found that since at least 2014, Book operated a roofing business in Erie and Niagara counties and employed individuals but failed to provide proper workers' compensation coverage for his employees. Despite not maintaining legally required coverage for his. The General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) was created, along with other federal Offices of Inspector General, by the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, to improve governmental administration. In fulfilling this obligation, the GSA OIG

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OIG maintains a list of fugitives wanted for health care fraud, abuse or child support obligations. Tips from the public often help us capture these individuals and bring them to justice. If you have any information regarding these fugitives please file a report OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL 2021-0001 Page 5 of 11 (4) OFFENSES.(a) Any person who engages in a scheme to defraud and obtains property thereby is guilty of organized fraud, punishable as follows: 3. If the amount of property obtained has an aggregate value of less than $20,000

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The OIG hotline can be reached at 1-800-849-4230. Inspector General Act (IG Act) of 1978 as amended gave the OIG the authority to accept complaints from EEOC employees and the general public concerning criminal activity, fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement of EEOC programs and operations MARINE CORPS INSPECTOR GENERAL Commandant of the Marine Corps (IG) Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps FOB #2 Navy Annex Washington, DC 20380-1775 Phone: (866) 243-3887; DSN 224-1348. NAVAL INSPECTOR GENERAL Office of the Naval Inspector General Building 172 1254 Ninth Street, S.E. Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5006 Phone: (800) 522-345 Overview Anyone may submit a complaint, allegation, or request for assistance to any IG concerning matters of Army or Air Force interest. IGs will encourage soldiers and airmen to first discuss complaints, allegations, or request for assistance with their commander or chain of command, as provided by regulation. If a soldier or airman does not [ The Inspector General shall report to and be under the general supervision of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary. The Inspector General has such authority as is provided by the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, and as is otherwise provided by law. Authorities provided to the Inspector General by law are reserved to the Inspector General

Studies and reports on elder issues including abuse, conservatorship, litigation, Medi-Cal/Medicaid, long term care, etc. Since 1983, California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform has been fighting for the rights of long-term care residents in California. CANHR's mission is to educate and support long term health care advocates and consumers regarding the rights and remedies under the law, and. Applies to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (IG, DoD) only to the extent that this Instruction does not conflict with any of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the IG, DoD pursuant to section 8(g) of Appendix, title 5, United States Cod Eu posso eu quero eu consigo eu realiz personnel are reported by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction in the quarterly reports to Congress that are required as part of P.L. 110-181. Because the estimates of Afghan casualties contained in this report are based on varying tim

IG functions include, among other things, activities that require either the exercise of discretion when applying Federal Government authority or value judgments when making decisions for the Federal Government. IG functions shall be identified consistent with section 306 of 5 U.S.C. (Reference (d)); sections 501 (note), 1115, and 1116 of 31 U.S.C 2005 EEO-1 Aggregate Report for NAICS-6 Code 531311 - Residential Property Managers 2005 EEO-1 Aggregate Report for NAICS-6 Code 531311 - Residential Property Managers 2005 EEO-1 AGGREGATE REPOR Short Title of 2005 Amendments. Pub. L. 109-111, §1, Nov. 22, 2005, 119 Stat. 2362, provided that: This Act [amending sections 1114, 1115, 1162, 1311, 1313, and 1314 of this title and enacting provisions set out as notes under section 1114 of this title] may be cited as the 'Veterans' Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2005' Inspector General coverage is typically based on geographic location or unit affiliation, therefore: • If you are at your home station, contact the Kansas National Guard Inspector General. • If you are at the mobilization station (i.e.: Camp Shelby, Camp Atterbury, Fort Dix, etc.), contact the local installation (fort/base) Inspector.

2005 EEO-1 Aggregate Report for NAICS-3 Code 611 - Educational Services 2005 EEO-1 Aggregate Report for NAICS-3 Code 611 - Educational Services 2005 EEO-1 AGGREGATE REPOR Prior to amendment, par. (25) read as follows: a separate statement, for each agency having an Office of Inspector General, of the amount of the appropriation requested for the Office. Subsec. (a)(26). Pub. L. 100-690, §§ 1006, 1009, temporarily added par. (26) relating to statement of appropriations requested for drug programs In FY 2008, there were 4,604 licensed breeders and 1,116 licensed brokers. Previous years: • In 2007, there were 16,542 inspections and 101 inspectors. • In 2006, there were 17,978 inspections, 99 inspectors and 9,075 USDA-licensed facilities. • In 2005, there were 18,290 inspections and 8,048 USDA-licensed facilities

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movement, prompting the Navy Inspector General to conduct a preliminary inquiry into the matter. Id. On November 21, 2005, the Inspector General reported his results to CHINFO in a memo stating, for the most part, that Mr. Sharpe was exercising his free speech rights under the Constitution, and that his personal writings and speaking pre Office of Inspector General ; Office of the Solicitor ; Featured Topics. Is the FLRA hiring? 71 FLRA at 1116. Id. Id. 791 (2005)). Agency Request for Stay at 2. The Union filed an opposition to the Agency's request for stay on December 16, 2020 SB 2005: Author: Bettencourt: Last Action: 05/19/2021 S Left pending in committee: Caption: Relating to off-campus workforce education or lower-division programs offered by a public institution of higher education at the request of an employer

Budget Accounts - Functional Titles 08/20/2015 Page 1 of 6 Functional Title Treasury Agenc Administrative subpoena authority is the power vested in various administrative agencies to compel testimony or the production of documents or both in aid of the agencies' performance of their duties. Administrative subpoenas are not a traditional tool of criminal law investigation, but neither are they unknown June 29th, 2005. On June 29, 2005, in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, Ronald A. Bush, former president of Local 990, United Food and Commercial Workers, pled guilty to four counts of embezzling $1,967 in union funds. Bush's guilty plea follows an investigation by the OLMS Denver District Office

S. 1116 JULY 24, 2018. Chairman LaMalfa, Ranking Member Gallego, and Members of the Subcommittee, I am Darryl LaCounte, Acting Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs at the Department of the Interior (Department). Thank you for the opportunity to present the Department's views on S. 1116, the Indian Community Economic Enhancement Act of 2018 MTC is the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. We are a public, governmental agency responsible for planning, financing and coordinating transportation for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. And we're part of every trip you take

Fax: 2.02-347-1116 www.POGO.orgpogo@pogo.org Government Oversight Exploring Solutions www.POGO.org April 4, 2007 Daniel R. Levinson Inspector General Office of the Inspector General U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Room 5541 Cohen Building 330 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 2020 Data Sources. The information provided on these pages is sourced from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) dataset. Postal Service data is managed exclusively by the USPS .All information is displayed unmodified and as provided by the source agency

FINDINGS. Congress finds the following. (1) The people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the United States share a long history of friendship and comity, and the interests of both nations. The year 2005 is designated as a reauthorization year and Congress is busily working on additions to the act. 1-800-677-1116 at: www.eldercare.gov. ABA Commission on Law has worked in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly the. o Agency performance update (31 USC 1116) o Improper Payments Act annual report (31 USC 3321 note) o Inspector General statement on management and performance challenges (31 USC 3516) Annual report by the Secretary of Defense (24 USC 411(h)) (until Dec. 31 2021 per section 1061 of Public Law 114-328 GPO and OMB Release President Biden's FY2022 Budget 05/28/21 The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) have released President Biden's Fiscal Year 2022 Budget. GPO works with OMB to produce and distribute the President's Budget, an annual tradition since the Budget and Accounting Act was established in 1921 The FCC's rules and regulations are located in Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The official rules are published and maintained by the Government Printing Office (GPO) in the Federal Register. Additional information about the Federal Register is available at the National Archives and Records Administration web site. An online version of the FCC Rules i

All Info for S.1116 - 112th Congress (2011-2012): Department of Commerce and the Workforce Consolidation Act Related Bills and some Nominations citation data are temporarily incomplete. We are working to resolve this issue, and regret the inconvenience The issue this case presented for the Court of Appeals' review centered on the trial court's partial denial of a special motion to strike pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, the anti-SLAPP statute, directed at causes of action arising out of the manner in which defendants, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Robert Barton, in his capacity as Inspector General.

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has determined that the evidence is sufficient to conclude that the use of implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs, also referred to as defibrillators) is reasonable and necessary for the treatment of illness or injury or to improve the functioning of a malformed body member under section 1862(a)(1)(A) of the Social Security Act To download as a single PDF click. O&M VOL I (1116 pages, 9.2 MB) and O&M VOL II (256 pages, 5.22 MB) O M Vol 1 Base Parts. Cover Page FY 2012 Part 1. Cover Page FY 2012 Part 2. Table of Contents FY 2012 Part 1. Table of Contents FY 2012 Part 2. O&M DW Highlights. O&M DW O-1 November 23, 2005 (d) DoD Directive 8520.1, Protection of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), December 20, 2001 (hereby canceled) (e) Executive Order 12958. 13526, Classified National Security Information, April . 17, 1995, as amended December 29, 200 June 30. SC05-1153 Kenneth James Kendrick v. State of Florida. June 29. SC05-183 Clarence Allen v. Assistant Attorney General, et al. SC05-356 Donald Hall v. State of Florida. SC05-550 Jovan R. Howard v Medicare Beneficiaries. Department of HHS, Office of Inspector General. OEI-06-09-00090. The Joint Commission: Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and Family-Centered Care: A Roadmap for Hospitals. (2010) Oakbrook Terrace, IL: The Joint Commission

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This 2007 study assessed callers' experience and satisfaction with Medicare telephone customer service and compared results with a similar study by the Office of Inspector General in 2004. Surveyors conducted interviews with a random sample of callers over a 1-week period Inspector General Announces 2 nd National Slam the Scam Day. Social Security's Inspector General, Gail S. Ennis, designated Thursday, March 4, 2021 as the second annual National Slam the Scam Day. Slam the Scam raises public awareness about the government imposter telephone scams that continue to spread across the United States. 4925 Greenville Avenue, Suite 1116, Dallas, TX 75206 Does not appear to maintain a website. 3141 Hood Street, Suite 320, Dallas, TX 75219. Does not appear to maintain a website. The impersonator has no connection with, and is not to be confused with, the genuine entity.

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Clinical Evidence. 2008; 10:1116. This is a systematic review that studied the effects of various treatments for chronic low back pain, including non-drug treatments. The authors searched for English language journals of RCTs or systematic reviews that contained trials that were at least single blinded (unless impossible) and included more than. inspector general 1109 2 0 14 1116 1- 1- 16 total usps career workforce 528977 1116- 1636- 27085- 545434 1181· 1787- 27548­ casual 3565 39- 28- 4853- 3923 111- 416- 5019­ non bargaining temporary 2226 9 25 78 2275 16 24 106 rural sub/rca/rcr/aux/vac 45253 308 401 1761- 49484 43- 23- 1696

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To Chapter 55, pp 1091-1116. King of Louisiana, 1862-1865, and Other Government Work. a Biography of Major General Nathaniel Prentice Banks, Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives. by Raymond H. Banks, copyright 2005. an exact page by page recreation of the original printed 2005 version with additional material Debt of Nonfinancial Sectors, 1952 - 2021 1. Chart. Table. Make Full Screen. Quarter. Households and Nonprofits. (US$ Billions) Nonfinancial Business. (US$ Billions PRESIDENTIAL CONTROL OF THE ELITE NON-AGENCY' KIMBERLY N. BROWN This Article examines the constitutionality of legislation creating a new form of independent agency-in effect, a non-agency agenc The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) (Pub.L. 111-5), nicknamed the Recovery Act, was a stimulus package enacted by the 111th U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama in February 2009.Developed in response to the Great Recession, the ARRA's primary objective was to save existing jobs and create new ones as soon as possible

title 38—united states code, veterans' benefits servicemembers civil relief act—2011 verdate aug 31 2005 13:52 may 03, 2011 jkt 000000 po 00000 frm 00003 fmt 6019 sfmt 6019 p:\title38\112thc~1\title3~1.xxx dian Table 25. Nonimmigrant Admissions By Class Of Admission: Fiscal Years 2012 To 2014. The 2014 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics is a compendium of tables that provide data on foreign nationals who are granted lawful permanent residence (i.e., immigrants who receive a green card), admitted as temporary nonimmigrants, granted asylum or. The following is an alphabetical list of named vessels of the Revenue Marine, Revenue Cutter Service, Coast Guard and Lighthouse Service. The Historian's Office maintains a file on most of these vessels. The date in parentheses is the date a vessel was commissioned in Revenue, Lighthouse, or Coast Guard service; no date is given to commissioned. Infant Mortality Rate, Illinois Residents, 1920-2018 Detailed Data Year Deaths Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) 2018 943 6.5 2017 912 6.1 2016 985 6.4 2015 952 6 2014 1,044 6.6 2013 942 6 2012 1,032 6.5 2011 1,062 6.6 2010 1,116 6.8 2009 1,176 6.9 2008 1,263 7.2 2007 1,196 6.6 2006 1,343 7.4 2005 1,294 7.2 2004 1,317 7.3 2003 1,380 7.6 2002 1,304 7.2 2001 1,379 7.5 2000 1,528 8.